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& HR Solutions

Dedicated HR, Finance, Audit and business consultations services tailored to meet the unique needs of SMEs.

We believe in the power of human connections

About Us

Workfolio employs a methodology that involves crafting a personalized strategy through in-depth market analysis, internal dynamics understanding, and alignment with client objectives, then executes it using proven tactics customized to the business specific needs.

Our Vision

To empower and professionalize SMEs in Qatar through tailored HR, admin and consultancy solutions contributing to the overall market maturity in Qatar.

What to expect

Dedicated Consultants

Global Database & Network

Quality Care For Candidates

Our Services

01. Understanding & Gap Analysis

02. General Major Back Office HR & Admin Work

03. Recruitment and Talent Acquisition

04. Government-related Work

05. Outsourcing

06. Business Consulting

07. System Implementation

08. Training Services

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